Mig/Mag welding

For our welding we have a number of welding machines with a capacity of 450 amps each.

Voor onze laswerkzaamheden beschikken wij over een aantal lasmachines met een capaciteit van 450 ampère per stuk. These welding machine use the latest developments in the field of fast switching electronics. In the MIG / MAG program it is possible to get the weldparameters by one push on the button of the torch, by which the welding is performed to perfection.

Tig welding

The TIG welding can be used for welding almost all metals. The main applications are welding of stainless steel and aluminum. Also for welding unalloyed and low alloyed steels, especially if there are high demands on the quality of welding, this process is used within our company.

Arc welding

The electrode welding, also called arc welding, is mainly used by us for the welding of high-alloy steels. Also welding and repair welding are among our regular activities.