Welding robot

Welding robot. Panasonic VR-006T

The high-performance Panasonic VR -006 is designedfor various applications of automation. These industrial robot provides high speed and a large working range. The Panasonic VR-006L is very suitable for arc welding with multiple mounting options.

The current technology allows the use of a robot to make welding easier, more flexible and more cost-effective than in the past. Even small batches can now be easily automated and offers interesting opportunities for us but also for our customers.

Do you have a job for Schutte Metaal B.V.? Ask for an offer and convince yourself how rewarding our robotic automation can be for you!

Okay above film is not an action or chipping feature film, but please take a few minutes to see how we in Stadskanaal weld our manholes. After 2 minutes you will see the table automatically turn around.